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Multipurpose Tools

Media players

  • MoonShell plays movies and several music formats, views images and text files, and launches other homebrew. [1]
  • DSOrganize plays several music formats and allows you to view images, text and stream audio.

Video Players
  • Moonshell can play DPGs.
  • DSM Play can play DSMs (a higher quality format than DPG)
  • MPEG-4 videos can be played on ds using this demo, sound is currently unsupported.

Music Players

Image Viewers
  • ComicBookDS, a comic books (or image based documents) viewer.
  • Infantile Paralysiser's Image Viewer works by converting the pictures into a special format using the PC end of the application and viewing them in an iPhoto-like environment on DS.

Text Readers
  • TextViewer supports a variety of file formats, a touch screen interface, low power mode, and persistent text bookmarking.
  • Flip is an as-yet unreleased ebook reader and manager.
  • DSReader is another highly aesthetic text reader.
  • DSLibris is recently released text reader incorporating html support.


Web Browsers
  • DSLinux includes a web browser.
  • OKIWI is a web browser for the DS in alpha stages.
  • DSOrganize includes a browser with support for forms and limited support for pictures.
  • DSHobro 0.3 is somewhat like Opera Mini, consisting of a PC based proxy server that processes the page and a DS client program that views the page through the proxy.

Instant messaging

  • HelloDS is known for its lack of compatibilty. Development has ceased.
  • DSiP requires a VoIP account.
  • Infantile Paralysiser's Wifivoicechatclient allows you to draw as well as chat.
  • SvSIP is a VoIP application based on pjsip.

Remote Administration

Other Internet Based applications

Drawing Applications

  • Colors! is a pressure sensitive drawing application focusing on simplicity and ease-of-use. Has a playback option to see the whole drawing process.
  • Phidias is a drawing application for ds that can use custom brush shapes. No pressure sensitivity.
  • DS Notes is a note application, which is similar an offline pictochat.
  • Smoove is a pixel editor for ds.
  • FlickBook is an animation creator.
  • Animanatee is another animation creator featuring 32 levels of undo and onion skinning.


  • NewDictS is a dictionary interpreter of the StarDict .dic dictionaries, with Voice capabilities. Initially released by phillips, which released his NewDict 7 source code, now being improved and currently edited by Sesa. A translation page can be found here.

Other Applications

  • TxtWriter is a text editor optimized for easy, fast typing.
  • NitroTracker, tracker software.
  • DiagnoSe is an tool for testing the hardware features of the DS.
  • Infantile Paralysiser's Cooking Timer is a skinnable countdown timer which plays a chosen MP3 when it reaches 0:00:00.


DualSwan (WonderSwan)
VirtuaMUnstaz DS (Dreamcast VMU)
Goomba* (Game Boy)
Goomba Color* Lameboy (Game Boy Color/Game Boy)
DS85 (TI-85)
Wasabi* (Watara Supervision)
snesDS Snezzi DS SNEmulDS (SNES)
PicoDriveDS /jEnesis (Sega Mega Drive/Genesis)
PCEAdvance* (PC Engine)
Croco DS (Amstrad CPC 6128)
ScummVM DS (ScummVM)
MiniVMacDS (Macintosh Plus)
SMSAdvance* DSMasterPlus (Sega Master System/Sega Game Gear)
GBAGI (Sierra Entertainment)
MSXAdvance* (MSX)
Penko DS (MSX2)
NesterDS PocketNES* nesDS midori (NES)
FrodoDS (Commodore 64)
COLECODS (ColecoVision)
DSpec SpeccyDS (ZX Spectrum)
ZXDS (ZX Spectrum 128)
StellaDS (Atari 2600)
StyxDS (Atari ST)
MarcaDS (Arcade/MAME)
RACE! (NeoGeo Pocket)

* signifies GBA homebrew, which can be used with most slot 2 DS homebrew tools.


Programming on the DS